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Want the cinema experience in your own home? Whether it’s a discreet Home Cinema located in your lounge, or a fully-bespoke Home Cinema room, Aktivworld can design a system to suit your specific needs. Don’t settle for standard TV picture quality and poor audio - instead why not have a 4K widescreen TV or a 4K Projector with a large screen, all supported by a multichannel audio system to give you that true cinema experience.

For a more discreet Home Cinema your lounge can be transformed with just a few well-selected upgrades. It could be as simple as a wall mounted 4K Ultra-HD TV screen and Soundbar. Or you could consider a dedicated 5.1 system that provides multi-channel audio that will bring movies to life and provide a truly dynamic directional soundtrack, all professionally installed with unsightly cables hidden.             

For a fully-bespoke Home Cinema room, you could consider a 4K overhead projector with a fixed or retractable large screen, specifically designed to complement your room. With the vast array of amplifiers and speaker systems available for your Home Cinema, you can create an exceptional audio experience. From directional in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, to floor standing speaker systems, to speakers that can be screened with covers printed with any colour, design or artwork - it all depends on your preference. Add to this the latest full Dolby ATMOS system where the sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, you’ll really feel like you're inside the action.

Every Home Cinema by Aktivworld is designed uniquely for you, and can include cinema furniture and acoustic materials. We can also provide Smart Home controls for lighting and automated window blinds to ensure a truly enjoyable and luxurious experience.                      

Don’t forget not only will you have a fully functional Home Cinema, but when integrated as part of a Multi-room AV system it can be used to listen to Music, watch Sport and Entertainment, or even as an immersive Gaming room. In fact all your Audio Visual sources can take advantage of the High Quality Audio and UHD Video functionality of your Home Cinema system to enrich your total entertainment enjoyment.


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