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In today’s media rich connected environment the need to have a structured Home Network has never been greater.

Typically most properties suffer from the same problem - often the router provided by the service supplier is poorly located and does not take into account the building size or structure. Therefore it cannot provide adequate coverage throughout your home or allow you to take advantage of the full Bandwidth (speed) available. For example, if you have a 70MBs connection you are most probably only able to use 50% of it outside the actual room where the router is located. The more devices you add, the slower your connections will become and this inevitably leads to WiFi drop out and intermittent loss of connectivity. But with a well designed and structured approach from Aktivworld you can not only ensure you have access all around your home but also utilise all your available Bandwidth.

A quality Home Network provides the backbone of any modern connected home and is typically made up from a Hybrid Wired/WiFi approach. A professional Home Network provides you with seamless coverage throughout your home via multiple managed 2.4 &5Ghz Dual Band Internal and External Access Points. WiFi roaming means you are always connected without loss of data and you can utilise your full bandwidth with no drop out or loss of connectivity.

A fully managed system will ensure Priority of Service for your business in your Home Office and at the same time provide internet access control on specific devices, particularly useful if you want to manage the amount of time your children have access to the internet. In addition your system can also be configured to provide a Private (Home) and Guest network for added security.    

Once you have a Home Network you will have the ability to integrate all your Personal Computers, Printers and other devices seamlessly. Connect a Network Attached Storage(NAS) drive to distribute all your stored content throughout your home, such as  Movies, Music, Photos and Home Videos. Online streaming or CCTV on your remote devices such as Smart TVs, Tablets or Smartphones will also be available. A structured Home Network really provides you with the backbone for any Smart Home or fully integrated Multi-Room AV system. 

With a Home Network by Aktivworld you really will have a complete solution that will give you ease of access all around your home.

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